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What is a Brevino?

The Brevino cooler is a customizable table top bottle cooler that takes the mess out of sharing a bottle of wine or beer with friends and family.  Just pull your chilled bottle out of the refrigerator, slip it into the protective insulated shell, and twist on the lid.  The Brevino's unique design allows you to pour your beverage without the hassle and mess of taking the bottle in and out.  

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How it Works



Enjoy with beer!

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Mmmmm, Beer

The Brevino will hold everything from your standard 22 oz. bomber to a wide 750 ml bottle, like those from Goose Island, and everything between.  A Brevino will maintain that perfect cellar temperature for your Imperial Stouts enabling you to enjoy the flavors as the brewer intended.  Keep your Kölsch cold without the mess of an ice bucket.   No matter your style, we've got you covered. 

Enjoy with wine!

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Sublime Wine

A Brevino is the perfect accompaniment for a bottle of wine.  Whether you're trying to keep your Pinot Grigio or Champagne crisp or Riesling chilled, the Brevino will keep your drink colder for longer without the mess of an ice bucket.  Why have a wine cooler to keep those reds at just the right temperature only to have them too warm by your second glass.  Maintain that cellar temperature with a Brevino and ensure that your second glass will be as perfect as the first.  No matter the variety, no matter the temperature, no matter the bottle size, a Brevino is always a perfect pairing with wine.

Savor the softer!

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Brilliant for something softer

From the back country to the board room, you can refresh friends and clients alike with non-alcoholic beverages insulated by a Brevino. Sparkling waters, craft sodas, and fresh juices can happily be the star of the show or accompany your wines and beers being served in their own Brevinos.  

Keeping it Cool

Brevino's sealed double walled insulation minimizes heat transfer through the sides while the seal and lid protect against heat loss from the top.  Our tests show a heat loss of just 5°F over two and half hours at 85°F outside temperature.  That's the same amount as a poured glass loses in 5 minutes!  A Brevino will keep your drink at the right temperature time after time.

Passionate Partakers

Native Southerners, Ian and Celia Mackintosh love to take advantage of the amazing climate and share a bottle of beer or wine with friends outside. Ian has been enjoying craft beer for about 2 decades and home brew for about 5 and greatly enjoys pale ales, saisons, and fruit ales. He developed his wine palate while participating in the Left Bank Bordeaux competition and since then has been obsessed with discovering new regions and varietals. Celia has been enjoying craft beer for almost as long and has grown an affinity for saisons and sours. Her wine exploration has happily tagged along with Ian's, though detours when she finds an area she enjoys. While Pearl and Charlotte do not partake, they contribute in their own way.  Pearl always checks things out with her nose and keeps things on an even keel.  Charlotte on the other hand likes to liven things up, normally with a squeaky tennis ball.